Oleander Medical Technologies is developing a revolutionary new treatment to destroy many of the most invasive and deadly cancers using a process called Targeted Osmotic Lysis (TOL).

Since 1998, Dr. Dennis Paul and Dr. Harry Gould of Louisiana State University have been studying basic cell function, with special focus on how sodium ion channels respond to disease. Their findings have allowed them to take advantage of a previously known property of malignant cancer cells to devise a safe and effective treatment for many of the deadliest cancers. Advanced-stage cancer cells express 10 to 50 times more sodium ion channels in their cell membranes than do normal cells. By stimulating the opening of these channels and enabling the entry of large amounts of sodium while blocking the mechanism to expel the excess ions, through a process called Targeted Osmotic Lysis (TOL), Dr. Paul and Dr. Gould have been able to force cancer cells to burst, while leaving healthy cells unharmed. The treatment process uses a generic drug used to treat heart ailments (digoxin) and a new device that produces a pulsed electric field. An animation to show how it works can be seen here.

Unlike radiation or chemotherapy, TOL has the potential to destroy cancer without ravaging the rest of the body, to eliminate the disease with just a few treatments, without pain and with minimal discomfort, and at a much lower cost than current treatments.

TOL is not yet available to treat patients, but with increased funding we can help speed the process. Explore our website to learn more about TOL, about the Oleander team, and about how you can help.

For questions, please check out our FAQ or feel free to contact us.

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